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My journey in photography began 12 years ago, driven by a deep passion for capturing moments.

Over the years, I've refined my skills in studio photography and mastered lighting techniques. This path has allowed me to collaborate with prestigious fashion and e-commerce companies, creating images that tell captivating stories.

Studio photography is where I find joy in blending lighting techniques with creative vision.

Collaborating with a talented team of stylists and makeup artists to craft moments that truly stand out!

Fashion and headshot photography

Blending creativity with technical precision to capture style and character in every shot defines my approach to fashion and headshot photography.


With extensive experience spanning a diverse range of products, from luxurious goods to everyday essentials, I ensure that each item is showcased elegantly and in its best possible quality.

I creatively capture product character with precision. Experimenting with lighting and composition highlights details.


In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, captivating imagery serves as the cornerstone for brands striving to make their mark in the digital marketplace.

Drawing from my invaluable experience at VEEPEE, where I had the privilege of photographing thousands of products over five years, I've honed my focus on detail and developed a profound understanding of advanced photography techniques.